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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kinect Will Be Around P7K?

The prices for the Kinect, the X360’s nifty full-body motion control camera controller thingie, have been announced in the States! They will be sold for US $150 (around P6,900), and they’ll come with the Kinect Adventures vid game.

They’ll also be selling a Xbox 360 packed with Kinect (and Kinect Adventures), for US $300 (or around P13,800).

UPDATE: European prices have also been revealed! The Kinect will cost you 149 Euros (or around P8,888), while the Xbox 360 + Kinect pack will cost 250 Euros (or around P14,914).

There may be a bit of an upswing in prices when they get to the Philippines (and some stores jack up the prices really high), but, hey, at least you know what to expect!


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