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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Avatar..!!

Greet news to all avatar fans, Nickelodeon is going to make another avatar series the Legend of Korra. The show is about Korra, Aang's successor, a rebellious and strong fighter. She comes from the Southern Water Tribe and Tenzin the son of Aang is her airbending teachers. She master the three elements which are the water, fire and earth. Like Aang's mission, she also needs to master airbending while saving the earth from anti bender revolt.

Can she save the earth? With the help of her friends and Aang's son. This is going to be exciting.
According to Nickelodeon, the series will be release on 2011.

To read more about Legend of Korra visit this site.

Kinect Will Be Around P7K?

The prices for the Kinect, the X360’s nifty full-body motion control camera controller thingie, have been announced in the States! They will be sold for US $150 (around P6,900), and they’ll come with the Kinect Adventures vid game.

They’ll also be selling a Xbox 360 packed with Kinect (and Kinect Adventures), for US $300 (or around P13,800).

UPDATE: European prices have also been revealed! The Kinect will cost you 149 Euros (or around P8,888), while the Xbox 360 + Kinect pack will cost 250 Euros (or around P14,914).

There may be a bit of an upswing in prices when they get to the Philippines (and some stores jack up the prices really high), but, hey, at least you know what to expect!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Yehey, The leader of the Autobots spotted in China. Optimus really going to end this war. Is this for real? Nah of course that is not the true Optimus Prime standing near at the Olympic Bird's nest Stadium in Beijing. According to the, it is compose of 1,108 car junk parts.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Green Lantern's Movie

Finally, another DC comic superhero is also coming to the big screen very soon. Who would that be? Yes, it Green Lantern, a member of the Justice League.

His image is far different from the TV series and comics. He looks like more gay to me. ( just kidding ). His one of my favorite superhero.

Check out his other movie pics.